Welcome to the birthplace of Iron Maiden!

Visit The Cart & Horses Bar and Hotel, Stratford on Qype

    FROM 11PM - 2AM

May   2014

2nd     Fri         Gorillah Radio

3rd      Sat         Grounds for Divorce

9th      Fri          Already Legends

10th    Sat        Lizard

16th    Fri         Edens Gallery

17th    Sat        Aftermath

23rd     Fri        The Rising

24th     Sat       The Ellie Clare Band

30th     Fri        Double trouble

31st     Sat       Beat the Beast

June    2014

6th      Fri        Mainline

7th      Sat      Lizard

13th    Fri       The Rising

14th    Sat      Underliver

20th    Fri       Steam Machine

21st    Sat      The Aftermath

27th    Fri       Echoland

28th    Sat      Breakdown

July   2014

4th     Fri         Double Trouble

5th     Sat       Storm

11th    Fri        The Aftermath

12th    Sat      Lizard

18th    Fri       The Ellie Clare Band

19th    Sat     Grounds for Divorce

25th    Fri      The Rising

26th   Sat      The Stents

August    2014

1st     Fri    Adrenalin

2nd    Sat   Beat the Beast

8th     Fri    Breakdown

9th     Sat   Lizard

15th   Fri    Echoland

16th   Sat   Steam Machine

22nd   Fri   The Rising

23rd    Sat  UnderLever

29th    Fri    Double Trouble

30th    Sat   (TBA)

September    2014

5th      Fri     Storm

6th     Sat    (TBA)

12th    Fri     The Aftermath

13th    Sat    Lizard

19th   Fri    The Ellie Clare Band

20th   Sat   Grounds for Divorce

26th   Fri    The Rising

27th   Sat    The Stents

October  2014

3rd       Fri      Adrenalin

4th      Sat     Beat the Beast

10th    Fri      Breakdown

11th    Sat     Lizard 

17th     Fri     Steam Machine

18th     sat    The Earnshaws

24th     Fri     Echoland

25th     Sat    The Rising

31st     Fri      Double Trouble

November    2014

1st        Sat    The Aftermath

7th         Fri     Edens Gallery

8th        Sat     Lizard

14th      Fri      Mainline

15th      Sat     Grounds for Divorce

21st     Fri       The Rising

22nd    Sat      The Ellie Clare Band

28th     Fri       Adrenalin

29th     Sat      Breakdown

December  2014

5th       Fri       Echoland

6th       Sat      The Earnshaws

12th     Fri       The Stents

13th     Sat      Lizard

19th     Fri        The Rising

20th     Sat       Steam Machine

22nd     Mon     Private Birthday Party

24th     Wed     (Xmas Eve)      "Break Down" (Merry Christmas everybody)

26th     Fri         (Boxing Day)   Nick from the Rising "Duo"

27th      Sat       Double Trouble

31st      Wed      (NYE)    "Steam Machine"